Education Package
Here are the components of the Effective Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Program:

Component #1 – Plantar Fasciitis Step-by-Step Video Guide

Video (Mac) –
Audio –
Video (PC) –

Under the “Attachments” tab of this “video (PC)” you will find these files:
– Component #2 – Ending Plantar Fasciitis Report
– Copy of the presentation
– Handout of the presentation
– Bibliography
– Web Resources
– CEC exam

Component #6 – Tissue Specific Exercises

Video –

Under the “Attachments” tab of this video you will find these files:
– Component #3 – 12 Week Plantar Fasciitis Exercise Solution
– Component #4 – Quick Start Reference Guide
– Component #5 – The One Stretch for Rapid Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Component #7 – Foot Pain Relieving Exercises

Video –

Component #8 – Self Massage for Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Video –

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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“As a Kinesiologist working in a physiotherapy clinic, I can apply the information that I learned in the Lumbar Fusion Exercise Program to post-op patients recovering from spinal surgery. The program increased my knowledge of spinal fusion surgeries and gave me exercise progression that I can use for clients recovering from spinal fusion.”

Peter Stangolis
Certified Kinesiologist
Toronto , ON

Rick Kaselj, MS
Kinesiologist & Personal Trainer focusing on Exercises for Injury Recovery

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